Web Favs

These are only loosely organized and change on a whim....

Keeping It - You Earned It, Now Keep It! (Savings - Simple Options)
ShopKick (Score points towards cash or gift cards overtime you go in a store)
Ibotta (Get money back on what you buy. If you are so inclined, my referral code is milfiqa)
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back (If you are NOT doing Ebates [now Ratuten] when shopping online - you are wasting money! Just remember to shop like normal. If you click the link above - that's my referral link)
Best Time to Buy by Real Simple - list of times of the year products go on sale

(Yes, these work - I'm not a big spender. At all. I've still earned about $400+ in Ebates returns and about $170 in Ibotta returns in the last few years. Ebates, Ibotta and ShopKick will give you a little something extra for signing via these referral links.)

Great things to spend it on.....

Awesome Stuff by People I Know (US made goods)
North Country Socks (yes, socks!)
Super Kid Capes (yes, capes!)

Art - An Everyday Luxury

Magpie Dreams (talented local artist)
The Working Proof (proceeds support charities)
NEW Kent Youngstrom (he teamed up with my fav pro-wordsmith, Alexandra Franzen for inspirational posters)

Thesis Beauty (my absolute new fav cleansers + natural, USA made, recyclable packaging)
PurMinerals (my favorite lipgloss stick - Daredevil or Gameday!)
Kismet Cosmetics (lipstick! USA made. Indie brand.)
100PercentPure (color, made with fruit!)
Beauty Habit (perfectly curated source of gorgeous!)
Affiliate Link to my day skin care, Juice Beauty: Skin Care


A few of my talented friends write....
Affiliate link to a favorite source for books: Better World Books
Links to my books: 
Boot Camp: 7 Days to Take Back Control of Your Life.
Free 7 Day Journaling Experience
-  52 Weeks of Inspired Journaling. (Digital companion to your blank journal pages!)

Decorating Blogs - Inspirational!

Centsational Girl (fun design for the crafty)
Junk Market Style (loved both books!)
The Paris Apartment (loved the book!)

EcoFriendly "Stuff"
Celery Street (merchandise)
Recycle Match (grand idea!)
VivaTerra (there is a whole bedroom set I covet...)
ReCoat Paint (recycled paints, in designer colors!)

EcoFriendly Lotions & Potions (my perfume temptation)
Strange Invisible Perfumes (oh, Magazine Street....)
Pacifica Perfume (lotions, perfume, candles - locally found at Sephora)
Etta + Billie (not local to me - but lotions, soaps and more)
Alba Botanica (shower gels, sunscreen, etc - locally found at Meijer, Target, etc.)

Enjoy Life,  Do Good
The Working Proof (affordable art - proceeds to charity)
The Shelter Pet Project (adopt, don't breed!)
WorkAway (help while vacationing or gain experience)

Favorite Charities

St. Jude's Ranch for Children (my fav for making a difference in society, one kid at a time)
Rescue Bank (they provide food to shelters so shelters can use their resources on care)
New Orleans Habitat for Humanity (they are still rebuilding from Katrina!!!)
Fund a Pet Miracle (save someone's best friend)
DonorsChoose.org (teachers with need - help out a classroom)

The Garden Stuff 
Berries! (hate the site look - love the products)
Gardeners Supply
Heirloom Seeds
White Flower Farm (oh, the temptation!!!)
What to do when you have too much

And here's a flower offer for when you can't garden...
OrganicBouquet.com has Crown Majestic Roses on Sale! Buy one dozen Crown Majestic Roses for $49.95 and get another dozen FREE.!  

Hoosier Made/Hoosier Proud
Annie Oakley Perfumes (local! My mother loves them)
Clabber Girl (baking powder)
Lavender Hill Farm (local and awesomely cool)
Red Gold (tomatoes and more)
Vera Bradley (purses, wallets, bags)
BTW - if your toothpaste has fluoride, thank Indiana University!

Inks & Paper, the other temptations

Noodler's Ink

StitchFix (style delivered to you - this link includes my referral link) OTHER......

Too Cute for Words
Itty Bitty Kitty Committee
(oddly, I don't like cat items  - AT ALL - but these blogs are cute!)

Work Stuff
TruInsights (me in work mode)

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