I like solutions. And I have a tendency to buy pretty journals but not use them. So I created two digital books, available via Gumroad, a secure digital platform for creators (like me!) to share/sell their work.

My Gift to You - Follow the image below to download a free digital book I created - 7 days of journal prompts (2 prompts a day) accompanied by quotes and evocative black/white imagery to spark up your journaling experience.

Need a creative spark revived? Looking for a short programming on getting started doing a journal? This is for you. 

Purchased Item  - This is the digital companion to beautiful print journals! 

Did you buy a gorgeous journal and have no idea what to write? Are you new to keeping a journal and "stuck"? Does the blank page intimidate you? Do you like to be inspired with beautiful images? Do you love to think about amazing quotes? This is the solution for you.

This digital book is a 52 gorgeous images (one per week, if you like), each paired with an inspiring quote;  the image is echoed with 3 journaling prompts that flow off the quote theme. These prompts are meant to jumpstart your journaling or add depth to your current journaling practice. While the book is themed by time of year - you can pick it up anywhere and start! 

Click here to solve your blank page issue with this journal companion for just $3.99. (Purchase via Gumroad, a secure online platform. You will be directed off this site.) 

(Please note, this blog is free. Please - please - please - read and enjoy. Purchases of my digital books are final - and support this blog. Select wisely. If you aren't ready to purchase, please enjoy my free book or keep reading this blog.)


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