Sunday, July 18, 2021

Week 3 - July 2021 Musings

Some months are busy. This last few weeks have been a good bit of work and change for things around the house. And a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster learning to navigate new waters.

Books? Check out my  my Good Reads, to catch up to the 88 books I've read - most are light fiction. 

Current book club book is The Chosen and the Beautiful, a magical (literally) re-telling of The Great Gatsby. OMG it's SOOOOOOOO good. Go buy a copy now!

Cooking? Hungryroot is over. They could NOT get it together - delivery a day late, 2 days late, not at all; boxes missing items. Yeah, I don't need that kind of hassle! This month I'm trying Green Chef. First impressions: it's a little expensive per serving. It also is a little complicated for cooking. I really hate multi-pan (stove top and oven) 35 minutes of prep. And unlike Hungryroot, the Green Chef plan do not include snacks or dessert. 

Gratitude? A thousand small things: the new ferns for the bathroom, the new hand soap dispenser, fresh ink, the new elephant pillow, the room screen. 

Also things that are not things: friends coming over for dinner, a fun experience making perfume*, going out with friends to dinner, checking out a great new movie (Black Widow) with friends. And let us discuss my fabulous patio.... (the patio of possibilities!) 

*Recommend The Aroma Lab in Kalamazoo for a fun experience making your own perfume! (That's the picture of the top. I made 3 scents and put them in different things.)

Listening? Halsey. All the Halsey. Castle is my theme song. The occasional Cocktails & Crooners from Apple's lists.

Also a ton of Susan Hyatt's Rich Coach Club podcast (formerly Go Time).

Watching? I have been binging on SVU. I'm on season 13. I think I might actually be able to solve crime at this point.

Wearing (Skin)

Keeping up with last month's "plan" of cleanse and care.

Plus, the last few months I've been trying a newer brand called Earth Harbor. They have super reasonably priced kits that let you try their products. I started with the "Dewy You" kit for older skin. It was fine. I did not love the Siren Silk cream.  The next one I tried was the "Glow Up" kit - and I loved that one! The Mermaid Milk is the perfect summer weight for daytime. The Luna Rain and Marina are wonderful for evening. And I very much loved the Glow Juice mask! Just the perfect amount of exfoliation to make the skin glow. In short, I'm an Earth Harbor fan. It's a good product, ethically made, at a great price.

Wearing (Perfume)

I continue to support small businesses with my love of indie perfume houses. Below is my latest indie haul from Sucrebeille. (They had a sale. The sales are fantastic! And I love a bargain)

  • I’m a Delicate Fucking Flower Scent Notes: Monoi Tiare, gardenias, freesia, and lily of the valley create a lush floral opening, then step back, and the deep rosewood and copal resin comes forward. This is a supremely rich floral that darkens to a woody, resinous finish. 
  • Elder Nerd - Scent Notes: Subtle moonflower and bright linden blossom dot a forest of dark oakmoss, rosewood and sandalwood. Stumble on a tiny woodland tavern full of adventurers and smoke, incense, tobacco absolute and myrrh. A drop of honey sweetens the story.
  • Gooseberry - Scent Notes: Gooseberry and lilacs, and a touch of honey
  • Huckleberry - Scent Notes: Wild huckleberries picked from a cedar forest in a misty, wet morning. Oakmoss, rain and cloudy skies
  • I Said What I Said - Scent Notes: A strong, unrepentant blend of blood orange and black currant. Red musk, elemi, and black oud shimmer on a background of Egyptian musk and dragon's blood.
  • Impending Doom - Scent notes: Red Mandarin and rich honey create a sweet first impression, luring you into smoke, patchouli, gunpowder and... Is that gasoline? Clearly, an evil plan is afoot!
  • DreamCrusher - Scent notes: Sweet peach tea that's been left to steep a little too long with that edge of bitterness, like crushed dreams
  • Glow Up - Scent Notes: Sparkling candied citrus peel, vanilla from the expensive hippie shop, Egyptian Musk, cuticle cream
  • Black Rose - Scent Notes: wild rose, rich dark chocolate, fresh vanilla bean, burnt sugar, whiskey, bourbon, an old library in a dusty castle, patchouli, a cold creamsicle on a hot day, really good bacon.
  • Blood Rose  - Scent Notes: English rose, honey, sea salt, dragonsblood.
  • Briar Rose  Scent Notes: wild rose, lavender fields, a spellbound forest at night, a sprig of rosemary, cedar, freshly ground clove, bergamot.
  • Flame Rose  Scent Notes: wild rose, cedarwood, smoke, leather.
  • Glass Rose Scent Notes: white rose, white musk, white thyme, a summer rainstorm, neroli, gardenia, a perfectly ripe grapefruit, kumquat, orange blossom, neroli, red mandarin, fresh dalmatian sage.
  • Steel Rose  Scent Notes: wild rose, English rose, white rose, woodsmoke, patchouli, dragonsblood, metallic copper, metal, smoky incense.
  • Stone Rose  Scent notes: moss covered stones warmed by the sun and shining with a recent rain. Wild roses, heather, tuberose and labdanum blend with a drop of oakmoss
  • Wood Rose Scent notes: Tiny wild roses blooming on the forest floor, rich, spiced rosewood, vanilla laced with patchouli and sweet resins
While I - obviously - love rose scents, I just want to tell people I'm a delicate f'ing flower and will now be doing that via scent!

Random Your time is a precious thing. Spend it with people who value it. Do things you love. And people who don't value your time, aren't worth it.

Take-away - If you want to be a skillful sailor, you learn to navigate rough seas. They are a blessing. Learn to embrace the blessing.

All photos by moi! And you can tell...

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