Saturday, June 5, 2021

Week 1 - June 2021 Musings

Did you know that peonies need the cold of winter to snap back and bloom? Sometimes I am the same - I need the quiet and dark to refocus my energy. I needed a bit less on my to-do list and a bit more time in my schedule for me. I hope you don't mind the break. (Peony picture for tax)

So what has been going on? I've been painting ALL the things in the house - walls, ceilings, book cases, furniture - ALL the things! And building furniture. And a bit of gardening. And reading. Pandemic levels of reading. And resettling myself after a pretty bad bout of depression. I get SAD to a lesser degree most winters. Throw in a pandemic, a break up, a house purchase, and the chaos of a new space = a much a greater degree. So I did a little re-set and gave myself the grace to just BE so I could get through the physical therapy on my hip, the winter, the memories of spring, and just everything. It worked! I'm back, sans limp - but I have an attitude. You have been warned.

Books? I read my entire 2021 planned amount. In escapist novels. (I have favorites, they show up in my Good Reads). I'm 75 books in.

New goal. I read non-fiction business during the week and indulge in other books on the weekend. It's significantly slowed my reading but I'm making some progress on enriching my mind.

Cooking? New stove came Thursday, we will discuss after that. Because I will be cooking ALL THE THINGS.

Gratitude? 35 year old me who thought a personal IRA was a great idea. The friends who visit my new space and do not suggest changes to their taste but understand I have a vision. My adorable kitchen. The new side porch furniture. 

Listening? Apple's lists have me pegged. I pick one and it rifts on things I like. Have discovered I like Fall Out Boy. (Will not be debating this.) 

Also a ton of Patrice Washington's Redefining Wealth podcasts and Don't Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller podcasts - they seem to inspire me and even out my keel. Right now, I'm all about that.

Watching? This week I finished Stumptown. Let's discuss how I can finish a TV series but not an online class. (Also a friend came to visit the new space and referred to my TV as a "cute little TV" - then asked where the bigger one is. That's the only one.)


Yeah, I still look good for my age but who the hell knows about my skin? It currently hates facemasks on the regular, and I'm tired of fighting the wrinkles. Here's a picture of what I have going on this week - day, night, and mask.

Day (Skin)

Night (Skin) 

The Masks (Skin)

As mentioned, I've been fighting the maskne. I've got a whole regime of masks I rotate through. Here they are below. The Blue Magic and Mayala's Neem are my favorites but that Naturallogic hydrating mask is fantastic around the eyes.

Wearing (Perfume)

My perfume interest may have tilted into addiction. Kind of like when I need the full set of a book series. I think I may have an obsessive personality. (Shrugs.) I smell fantastic. Go explore the world of indie perfumes. Support a small business. It's good for your soul. 

Below is my latest indie haul from Death and Floral.

I bought a primer (the tin) to help make scents last longer. 

  • Summer Camp Gothic - Scent notes: Dry oakwood absolute, browned marshmallows, cedar, black pepper, toasted vanilla
  • The same way I am in love with the moon - Scent notes: Palo santo blended with smoked sandalwood and a lunar accord. Deep and reminiscent of a breezy night under a looming full moon.
  • You belong among the wildflowers - Scent notes: Lemongrass and wild red poppies, blended with sunflowers, Spanish moss, and dogwood.
  • Nothing rusts in the desert, the air is full of ghosts - Scent notes: Pink cactus flowers and sweet grass, with notes of warm rain and woody dry vanilla
And so far, I'm in love.

Random My Southern Gram passed a few weeks ago. The funeral was over Memorial Day weekend. And I realized as we progressed from illness to death to funeral that the experience of a single human life and how it is seen varies from person to person. People recalled things about her I could never imagine and would never have guessed. (Facebook memories and snippets of stories.) Other people, outside the family, shared memories as well - and it's funny because I was privy to Gram's take on those people and it does not jive with their impression of what she thought of them! In the end, despite what other people think, I suspect we are unknowable to all but the Universe (or God, if you prefer.)

Take-away - Nothing last forever...but while we are here, live with joy as often as possible.

All photos by moi! And you can tell...

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