Monday, February 1, 2021

Week 4 - January 2021


I miss the sea. 

People who do not take responsibility annoy me:

- We would love to see you. Come visit us. (Hell. Come visit ME! I don't have time to drive down there. Do you have time to come up here?)

- Figure out what I owe you. (Hell. Why don't you look up what it costs and offer your half? I'll let you know if it isn't enough)

- Let me know when you want to be on my show. (Hell. It's your show. Why don't you tell me when you have time slots. I don't know your schedule.) 

- I don't have your current address. (Hell. I sent you a link to the house I bought. What did you think that was? Also, every item I've sent you in the last 5 years had the same mailing address on it.)

- I did not know you were on Instagram. You never get suggested to me. (Hell, you read my newsletter. There is a link to Insta at the bottom of it.)

Trying to figure out if I'm being an unreasonable bitch or if I just know WAY too many women who don't accept personal responsibility for anything and want to put in the least effort possible while acting as if they are sooooo busy.

Books : Perhaps that is my issue. Perhaps I didn't read enough this week and it put me in "a bad humor."

Gratitude : Mermaid gloves. Painting. Cute cats. Lip balm.

Listening: Way too many people with judgements and ridicule about choices that are not theirs. And I'm done being nice about it because I'm not the person in your head. I'm flesh and blood and free will. 

Watching: Vikings. (The dog likes it too.) I did not finish it and don't remember it well - so I started over on Season One. It's more enjoyable than I remembered. I like the women's roles.

Wearing - Scent & Skin 


- We Are Stardust - Scent notes: Daisy crowns and sandalwood, a bouquet of peace lilies, vanilla cream fresh from Max’s dairy farm, and a drop of patchouli. We are stardust. Remember. And someone said I smelled good.  Sucre came up with both a patchouli and daisy that I don't mind. On me, it's a delicious cream and lily with a sandalwood base.

- R.E.S.P.E.C.T - Scent notes: your mother’s expensive cold cream that she dutifully applied every night and now you do, too, mixed with fragrant, sumptuous black cherries. This has aged well. It's rich and incense laden - the fruit almost smells like smoke. The vanilla is hidden info a sweet richness. The older this sample gets the better I like it. Sillage also increases with age.

Frozen Moon - Scent Notes: crisp winter evening air, frost, sweet sugar plums swirl with delicious marshmallow. This is such a sweet scent. I continue to get a lot of sweetness off it crossed with fruit. It lasts a good well into the day.


Change is good. This week adjustments were made to re-set the skin which has been unappealingly spotted of late due to the wearing of masks. (Mascne.)

 - Day time - Standard in-shower wash of tea tree cleanser  - plus a buffing scrub - followed by a third finger (gentlest finger) tapping into the skin of 100% Pure's Super Fruit Oil Nourishing Eye Cream (until I ran out), Naturallogic Elemental Advanced Hydration Red Wine Essence to restore moisture and fight off lines, then Votary day oil and Votary cream. 

The new eye treatment is Fine Cosmetics Daytime Radiance Eye Serum. A little less nourishing (read creamy) than I like, but seems to help the undereye. And eye make up is less smeary as a result. (If I gave everything more time to set that would help but I'm always in a hurry.)

Night time - 1st cleanse with 100% Pure's Blood Orange Cleansing Balm following with a 2nd cleanse with my DHC Washing Powder for a little extra exfoliation. And I've spot treating the rest. Earthwise Beauty's Yasumi Face Balm on the cheeks.  Blüh Alchemy's Multi-C serum on the forehead and around the eyes. Topped by the Live Botanical Sanctuary Barrier Balm around the eyes, on the forehead and neck. Frownie on the forehead because forehead wrinkles are aging. 

Take-away - To all things there is a time. And patience is one of them. Watch out for what happens when it ends.

All photos by moi! And you can tell...

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