Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Let's Talk about 2020

Things we learned. Things we did not learn. Things we learned again. Unprecedented times. Life changes.  And where we go from here. That's my description of 2020 in paragraph form.

Every year I put out a list of what I learned. They are, honestly, mostly notes to self! And I swear sometimes I learn the same lesson - all over again. Below is my list for 2020. Maybe you learned the same lessons. Maybe you learned something else.  But either way, may we never stop learning and growing.

  1. Fear will stop you. It is what limits you. Step outside of it.
  2. Sometimes you've got to burn it all down and start over.
  3. Boundaries are good. But you are in charge of keeping them defined.
  4. Relationships require work from both parties. (Not a newsflash.) I refuse to be the only one working in it.
  5. Be grateful for the people who see you as who you are rather than who they want you to be.
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