Monday, December 7, 2020

December 2020 - Week 1

No snow. And a fresh month. And a box of chocolates to share. 

Confession, I've never watched that movie with the box of chocolate quote. And I never will. But there is something amazing about having beautiful food to share with guests.

Books: I painted and wrote this weekend. (Also, guests!) So, the only book that happened was an Audible while I did other things. Silverswift by Natalie Lloyd. 

I did start a really fascinating book. Maybe I'll be done by next week...and will share....

Cooking: I actually did cook! I made a tater tot casserole for oldest kidlet in the toaster oven. Apparently, I live in adventure! Because cooking in that thing is like living in pioneer days.

Liking the Hungryroot. Several of the stir fries were very good. But they send a TON of food. And I'm not going through it fast enough.

Gratitude: Friends who get you fun soaps (see below), and that feeling of new when you get to use them. Friends who come to dinner but bring wine, dinner and dessert! Pretty boxes of chocolates. Ridiculous eyeshadow names (night in werewolf woods, strange old shop) that let you have theme days at work without anyone realizing.

House:  I've now done the midwestern plastic on bad windows thing. Basically the whole house needs new windows. Adding it to the Go Fund Me campaign....

Listening: Dolly Parton's Apple Christmas playlist. (And Audible)

Watching: Godless. (3 episodes in.) Gossip Girl. (On the 3rd season.) I have a craving for headbands and scarves.



Ellis Brooklyn

- Myth - Scent notes: warm florals -  ambrette seeds, jasmine petals, musk. This was a Sunday afternoon spray from a sample and lasted deliciously into the morning. The musk anchors the jasmine petals with ambrette seeds providing depth. This is still my favorite of the set.


- Troll Food - Scent notes: melted chocolate, toasted marshmallow, sweet honey graham cracker. I've been very unstoppable about life and nothing short of a troll is going to stop me. (Mythical, not on-line. The on-line ones are nothing.) Maybe this is settling in but this week, while I still have cinnamon and caramel coming off this, I got more honey and marshmallow in the scent layers. Still very "gourmand". It lasts pretty well, most of a business day, on my skin.


We mixed it up just a little bit this week. Because change is good for you.

 - Day time - Standard in-shower wash of tea tree cleanser followed by a third finger (gentlest finger) tapping into the skin of 100% Pure's Super Fruit Oil Nourishing Eye Cream, then the Votary day oil and Votary serum. And I've added the Votary cream because my skin is starting to be dry for the winter. Moved the shot of Monastery Aloe Hyaluronic Moisture Boost on the forehead and neck to day time.

Night time - 1st cleanse with 100% Pure's Blood Orange Cleansing Balm following with a 2nd cleanse with my DHC Washing Powder for a little extra exfoliation. Added something new (from the latest Boxwalla Beauty Box) Naturallogic Elemental Advanced Hydration Red Wine Essence as the first layer to restore moisture and fight off lines. The follow up moisture set has remained Votary night oil and cream (via the Boxwalla). Plus the Grown Alchemist eye cream.

Random: Too many anniversaries and special dates and memories of better times crowded around together. Like taking sage and smudging the new house, having visitors to dispel the memories and create new ones is cleansing. I love having visitors at the new house!

Take-away - Life moves in seasons. Sometimes the rhythm is predictable. Sometimes things become unpredictable. Move through change like you would swim through waves. Keep your goals in sight like the shore. 

All photos by moi! And you can tell...

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