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February Musings - 2020

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! For a very important date - posting day! So sorry! Very very frazzled month (and more of the same so far in March.) But here's a run-down of February, which was quite the bookish and perfume-y month.

PS - I still love you. 
Books: I had some work travel, which usually means some reading but got off to a slow start. Untouchable by Jayne Ann Krentz was enjoyable in the way of its genre but not a page burner. I've been meandering through - and taking notes -  on Marketing to the Entitled Consumer by Nick Worth and Dave Frankland. If you are in business, this has now hit my "must read" list to make you think different about how you are handling consumers. Every business and every manager in every business should read this book.

Then, around February 20th, I just started r-e-a-d-i-n-g. (It's how I cope with stress).
- The Elegant Warrior by Heather Hansen (it's okay)
- Sea of Memories by Fiona Valpy (a good beach read)
- Queen of the Light by Linsey Hall (did not love Claire's series as much as some of the others, possibly due to brevity.)
- When We Believed in Mermaids by Barbara O'Neal (recommend)
- Hell Hath No Fury by Annabel Chase (beach read)
- The Art of Inheriting Secrets by Barbara O'Neal (it was fine)
- Love Spells & Late Fees by Elle Adams (it was okay)
- Grave Magic Bounty by Shannon Mayer (recommend)
- The Housewife Assassin's Guide to Gracious Killing by Josie Brown (beach read)
- The Housewife Assassin's Killer Christmas Tips by Josie Brown (beach read)
Kindle Unlimited is the bomb. And I totally got my money's worth in February!

Cooking: Nope. Gone too much.Reading too much.

Gratitude: Kitties. (The warm snuggles in winter are the best!) Perfume samples. Any samples! Sautéed spinach with quinoa, peas and dried cherries - weirdly exquisite. Modern medicine. Art days and cupcakes.

Listening: So much Dave Ramsey. And Apple Music has genres! I'm partial to Cocktails & Crooners. I find it very non-stressful and easy to listen to as I get ready.

Perfume: My love for Sucreabeille continues. As I mentioned last month, I did order the tiny samples in a ridiculous quantity of 10 to which they added 5. (Special that month that included free shipping. It was great.) More on that in March. I've mostly been rocking the Frozen Moon and Don't Get Murdered - Stay Sexy from last month.

I also ordered a sampler set of 8 - to which they included 2 extra! - from Imaginary Authors. I've been trying 1 scent a weekend or so. This is the order in which I've tried them....
- A City on Fire. Notes: Cade oil, Spikenard, Cardamom,   Clearwood, Dark Berries, Labdanum, Burnt Match. This smelled like a city on fire. Really. Smoke everywhere. If you know a firefighter, don't wear this around them.
- SunDrunk. Notes: Neroli, Rhubarb, Honeysuckle, Rose Water, Orange Zest, First Kiss. This smells like citrus and summer in the best possible way. It was like a shot of summer sunshine on a winter day. (I would buy this one.)
- Slow Explosions. Notes: Saffron, Rose Absolute, Leather,   Apple, Benzoin, Cashmeran, Arpora Night Market. For me, this had decent sillage but opened on benzoin with apple and closed on a leather note. It was quite masculine. I read a review that called it an oriental but I'm not sure that person knew what "oriental" means in perfume.
- Every Storm a Serenade. Notes: Danish Spruce, Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Calone, Ambergris, Baltic Sea Mist. I think it's the vetiver but I loved this. It's airy and really is reminiscent of the sea. I had no specific open or base notes - it smelled, the entire time I wore it, whole. Again, the sillage is less than awesome. (I would buy this one.)

Here's my next Sucreabeille wish buy. Glitter Trash. What Fresh Hell Is This. (This names make me laugh until I cry, in the best way!.)

Random: Florida birds are loud! And they love a water hazard.

Also, I made a scarf for 20. 

Self-Care: OMG all the indulgences! My friend Roxanne and I went to a local spa to tryout their infrared sauna. ($30 for the anti-aging + $5 bump for brining a friend. Very budget friendly.) 

And then, the very next week, Israel (22) and I went to a girl day at a fancy hotel spa - brunch, massages, facials, manis and pedis. This place was great - you get access to their sauna and fancy spa shower as part of the deal, which I did not know. I plan on doing massage and facials there again. (Note: this was less budget friendly, but one can plan for indulgences.)

Watching: The Witcher. (Which, PS - Geralt of Rivia and I are both Logisticians according to the  16 personality types test. Specifically I'm an ISTJ-T) The October Faction. Basically, I got my value from Netflix this month via bingeing.

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*Juice Beauty is a staple in my beauty cabinet. I stray, I try other things - but it's my favorite "foundation" (I used the CC Cream) and great skin care. If you like Juice Beauty too, here is a link. I do get a small commission (at no cost to you) when you use these links which helps support this blog.

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