Thursday, February 1, 2018

2017 Lessons

A little late to the game this year with lessons from 2017. (If  you caught January Musings, you know know there was a lot going on in our house!)

Every year, I like to take a little space and think about a few notes I jotted down over the year. (Notes are over in Random, if you want to have look at this year's, so far.) These are insights I realize, as I go about living, that are really life lessons  to which I should be paying attention.

This year, #3 was a way I learned to deal with toxic people who trigger buttons. Repeatedly.  And #4 was demonstrated over and over again. If I had one piece of advice for people, it would be meet your commitments - even the small ones - or don't make them. 


  1. Plans are subject to change.
  2. Use anti-aging hand cream early in life.
  3. Don't communicate angry. Calm down first.
  4. Most people have NO idea how flaky they are and how it impacts others.
  5. Try to be tolerant. Because someone else is tolerating you.
Take-away -  For people growth is a personal choice. Do you choose to wither or grow into something amazing?

PS - The berries are a mystery. We spotted them in a container garden in November in the Midwest. They almost look naturally silvery. Gorgeous!

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