Friday, August 4, 2017

New Gardens - New Horizons

I've been creating a new garden space. I'm lucky to have the space to create a full vegetable and herb garden and even a bit of flower addition.

Three beds so far. (Image is the first two). Tomatoes - yellow cherry, purple cherry, 2 kinds of red cherry, green zebra, german queen, and a beefsteak. Peppers - thai hot, jalapeno, giant marconi, habernaro, lilac, green. Purple and heirloom zucchini. Sugar baby watermelon. Snow peas. Raspberry bush. Blueberry bushes (2). Blackberry bush. Basil - cinnamon and regular. Lemon balm. Spearmint. Dill. Parsley. Candy stripe celery. Rainbow carrots. Fig. Purple and yukon potatoes. Cucumber. Marigolds (bunny deterrent). Oregano. Thyme.

And then something unexpected happen. I found asparagus randomly growing in the yard. And blackberries by the creek. And mint by the side yard. 

We call them "tiny harvests" when we go to the garden. We used them to enhance whatever is cooking. We've gotten a few raspberries. A few blueberries. A good bit of cherry tomatoes. About 5 zucchinis.  A couple of cucumbers. A handful of cherry popper peppers. A few jalapenos. A lone lilac pepper. Some lemon balm for water. Made pesto (toasted walnuts, Parmesan cheese, garlic cloves, and basil) from the basil. Made biscuits with the thyme. Added the celery to potato salad. 

Take-away - Tiny enhancements make life better.

***Images by moi! And you can tell!

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