Sunday, July 2, 2017

Musings - June 2017

Books:  I've been sliding my way through a number of books. 
- The Job (Janet Evanovich)
- Broken Open (Elizabeth Lesser)
- The Ice Queen (Alice Hoffman)
- Silence Falls, digital edition(Patricia Briggs)

I've been making time to recharge. For me, books fit that criteria. And I discovered my local Little Free Library. Such a fun concept! I love leaving books there. Plus with Quotle (new fav app), I've been sharing quotes from what I'm reading. So fun!

Gratitude: That I live in a first world country (no joke - we have so many blessings we don't even realize). For the internet's ability to let us find so much info - including awesome recipes. The garden; I'm loving how it grows. And fitting the garden herbs into the crazy amount of cooking I've been doing has been fun.  (Basil olive oil biscuits to the right.) Biggest gratitude this month, is all the many patient people in my life who help me be a better person. 

Listening:  Halsey. Forever. (Lyrics of Castle)

Perfume: Tulip brand. Peony and Mandarin. Finished it out. It's very light and subtle. And I've been wearing it long enough that I'm tired of it. I'm so impatient, I should never buy large bottles of anything! I've been fitting in different trial vials for Marble & Milkweed. So far, those have not been "keepers" for me....

Random: So much baking. Drop biscuits for breakfast. Various cake and cookie experiments. Dinner biscuits. And pies. 

Stress: Still not fully unpacked and recently a volunteering activity has taken over my life. (Really. It's got to more even keel. I'm not up for this.) Also, part of being in a new space is finding new everything - pedicure place, Chinese place, dry cleaning, so many small changes....

Watching: So much Criminal Minds. I'm probably on some kind of watch list at this point. (And, like most of America, I caught Wonder Woman in theaters. While I loved the action sequences, after watching 2 seasons of Marco Polo - I was a bit less awed than most.)

Take-away - Adaptability is the key to surviving nearly anything, including unexpected stresses. (Also, sometimes, having an adaptable mindset helps with recipes!)

 --Pictures by moi - Top image, from left to right: I've been rocking a kind of simple vibe with up-dos/ponytails and  simple eyes/lips. It's carried over into the perfume (Tulip brand), night cream (Lavido, it's Israeli - weirdly I got samples as a thank you gift from Amex - I like the eye cream but not so much the face cream), my favorite DHC soap in sample form, book du jour, lipstick (an Ulta lip crayon with a swipe of my dwindling Covergirl NaturalLux lip gloss), pedicure polish (Blushingham Place), my trial of Benefits' Roller Lash (it smears, a lot. Nope). 

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