Sunday, April 2, 2017

Where did March go?

Books: And nothing for finished. I took another run at My Kind of Place but didn't finish. All books got packed and moved. That was an accomplishment! And 10 year old kidlet told me she approves of the addition of books to the space.

Gratitude: Patience, of others - I'm not at my most graceful during a change. Moving men who remove the unexpected bat. (Yep. Bat. The hazard of having a chimney apparently.)

Listening: The Fan-Dam-Tastic Marketing Show (so sad, no new episodes; apparently it ended in 2015. I also miss the Mystery Show),  Side Hustle School. And so much Pandora - I've got a channel called "Torch" that's all Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, etc.

Perfume:  A bit of everything.  Nothing. Vanilla Chai lotion from the Body Shop. Tunisian Jasmine Lime from Pacifica. (It's a fall-back standard - Guy likes it.) Mandarin Peony by Tulip. (Not overly fond of it. Wading through it. It's got no sillage at all. It lasts less than an hour.)  Modern Muse. (Finished it out.) Lucy B's Apothecary - Royal Green Fig + Vanilla Woods. A bit of Les Perfumes de Rosine Majalis on a few cold and rainy days. Pretty much just a total mix of whatever took my mood. 

Random: There is now a peacock within earshot of my new space, Bunny Haven Manor (Far North or On The Farm, undecided yet as which we shall call it.) 

Stress: Moving. Forever. I'm now on the "unpack one box every day" program to keep progress going and keep the stress down.

Watching: Fresh Off the Boat. Criminal Minds. And a lot of over-the-air TV as it was 3 weeks before the internet could be installed. (By provider number 2 after Frontier's Department of Delays called with a months long delay. I so wish I were kidding.) 

Take-away - Sometimes the best thing you can do is roll with it.

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