Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scrubbed up

Clean up on Aisle 5! I love soap. Seriously. Soapy Gnome. Old Forte Soap. Zum Bar. (The pound bag is my favorite indulgence but I'm never quite sure which scents I get!) If there were a reason for me to scrub up 6x a day, without completely drying out my skin - I'd do it. 

Washing my face is a close second. And I do like to try new skin stuff! Unfortunately, my skin is a little sensitive and a bit dry - so I need to be careful which things I try. Over the last 18 months, I've been trying lots of new skin cleansing combinations. (And we all know that although this is not a beauty blog, I'm a serial sharer!) I experiment most with my evening cleansing routine. For me, they can be split into two groups - cleansers and exfoliants. 

When cleansing, prep/make-up removal is important. For years my evening standard has been DHC Skincare's Deep Cleansing Oil. It's a highly purified olive oil. Cleansing and skin friendly. (Tip: if you decide to try supermarket olive oil - it works although it doesn't rinse as clean. But use the yellowest one. Green is too acidic and will sting the eyes.)  It lifts the make-up right off and rinses away. About 18 months ago, I tried Thesis Beauty's Rosemary Citrus Make-up Remover, which is jojoba oil-based. I enjoyed the scent and how it cleared off tough to remove mascara and lipstick. You do need a cleanser after to lift away the oily residue. 

After prep, next up is cleansing. The Thesis line includes a nice cleanser, the Tender as Petals cleanser. I tried. I love the gentleness of it - but somehow, my skin doesn't feel clean to me after using it. A toner helps. DHC Skincare's Face Wash Powder is my go-to standard. Papaya extract helps with gentle exfoliation. It is the slightest touch drying on my skin - a tightness around the eyes - so good moisturizer is required.

My skin enjoys being scuffed, as I like to call exfoliants. I use them most often as a supplement with quick cleansing options. For quick cleansing, I've been trying Alba's Hawaiian 3-in Clean Towelettes and Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water. The Alba towelettes are a great quick clean. I do find my skin is happier if I use an exfoliant the next morning; BareMinerals has a new one which is lovely - gentle and very effective. I like to use a combo of the micellar cleansing water followed by Thesis Beauty's Poppyseed Face Scrub, a toner, and then moisturizer. After which, my skin feels completely fresh and clean. The Poppyseed Face Scrub ingredients include clove which helps keep the skin clear. But I do find the micellar cleansing water a bit drying. I can't use it more than 2 days in a row. And, yes, I've tried it without the exfoliant - still drying.

(Mornings are much simpler. The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash in the shower.)

In all truth, I think face cleansing is a self-care ritual. It's a good way to slow down the mind and set up the quiet of the evening. After washing my face, I tend to not engage with electronics. Washing my face is like a signal to my brain that it's time to rest.  

Take-away - Take care of yourself in the small ways. It matters.

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Photos by moi! (As usual and you can tell.) 

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