Monday, January 2, 2017

Lessons - 2016

Life is a continuing lesson. I'm reminded of that pretty often. I've taken, a few years ago, to jotting down lessons of specific importance or note as they happen in my life. I keep them in the Random section until the end of the year, and then share them.  Here are the lessons I learned in 2016.

  1. All things are temporary.
  2. Say more by speaking less. 
  3. When you want more for you, it doesn't mean you want less for anyone else. And PS - there really is enough for everyone. (Side note: This is a refinement of item 2 for 2015.)
  4. The past is just the past (Mary Chapin Carpenter); and it has nothing new to teach you, but why you left. Because people don't change. However, your changes are your choice.
  5. Make your bed and clear the sink. It makes everything else in the day easier to tackle.
  6. Get on the scale every other day. Accountability is critical in all endeavors.
  7. Don't bite off more than you can chew. (Yes, that is a Mississauga Rattler trying to swallow a fat toad.) 

Take-away - You make choices everyday. Most of them small, insignificant things. But they add up. Be mindful of your choices.

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PS. In 2016 I spent some time created a book of journaling prompts for 52 weeks - each paired with inspired quotes and gorgeous images.  Then I created a small, free 7 day sample book. 

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2) The image below is another digital book I created - a year-long, start-anywhere, journaling prompts journey that pairs 52 inspiring quotes with gorgeous full-color images, each with 3 journaling prompts. 

(Please note, this blog is free. Please - please - please - read and enjoy. Purchases of my digital books via Gumroad are both secure and final. Select wisely. If you aren't ready to purchase, please enjoy my free book or keep reading this blog.)

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