Friday, January 13, 2017

A Garden in Winter

Winter is the time to plan for the next year. It's a space for dreaming.  I moved last year. And the new space was welcoming, but didn't readily lend itself to large scale gardening. Certainly not on the scale I like. It was adequate for a small space; having even a small garden enhanced my life and recipes. Given the mild weather, I was even able to harvest peppers until November! (Image left of the last of the garden.)

The garden - as noted -  was small but adequate. (Nothing like the years I had squash for days.) Oregano. Basil, two kinds. Peppers. Tomatoes, 4 or 5 kinds. (I had bigger pots on either side with garden tomatoes  - beefsteaks and romas - from a friend.) The herbs were what I used the most. But I enjoyed the peppers and cherry tomatoes on a pretty consistent basis.  (Picture below of the first harvest of the year.)

At the new Bunny Haven North, in addition to the garden, there were a very few flowers: daffodils to greet me, wild pink geraniums by the recycling bin, and potted pink geraniums by the door step. Other garden visitors came. The neighbor's cat - Bumblebee. Bunnies. A lone (unwelcome) opossum. Cottage white butterflies.

A garden is a bit of a sad, unwelcoming thing in winter. A small garden, somehow even more so. But, there is space enough  in winter to plan. I'm not planning for this space. I've decided it's time for a change and am looking at a new space. There are lilacs and irises at the new space. I've been told I can have a proper veggie garden and plant some flowers. I'm excited but a little nervous about yet another shift for me, for the herd - so far they have been very adaptable, so I hope this will be okay. I don't know, but I hope. Because that's what gardeners do. I'll be in the new space before the lilacs bloom.

Take - away -  Adaptability is an asset. Remember to use all your assets.

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***All photos by moi! And you can tell.

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