Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Non-Resolutions

I do not make resolutions. They seem flimsy and easily circumvented.  Also boring. Instead,  for 2017, I'm making a list of 7 questions to ask myself about my choices today:

I don't know by who said it or made
this image. I do like it.
  1. Did you eat more fresh food than processed?
  2. Did you move with intention?
  3. Did you sleep 7 hours or more?
  4. Did you say thank you to someone?
  5. Did you learn something new?
  6. Did you try something that frightened you?
  7. Did you do your best?
The hope, of course, is to say YES to all of them, every day. But most days, saying yes to 4 of them a day would be a victory that I'd be happy with.

Take-away - You can not control everything, but your choices shape your life. Make intentional choices.

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