Saturday, July 23, 2016

Currently, July 2016

Books: One quick book via Kindle, Dead Deceiver by Victoria Houston. Very formulaic but fine for the day. Decision - I need more beach reading in my life! (Trip to Mexico was awesome for that.)

Gratitude: The kindness and support of friends, the bounty of summer.

Happy: A trip to the Soapy Gnome with the girl on a Goshen First Friday; excursions to movies; delivery Chinese (awesome!); a series of festivals with Roxanne, partner in crime (I always look surprised in her selfie shots...)

Perfume: Brand switch time! I left the Library of Flowers family. (Still love it - but I need a change.) I've been switching it up. Pacifica. Specifically, Tunisian Jasmine Lime.  I'd picked up a roller applicator and hand cream a few months ago - I always love hand cream and rollers are so travel friendly! After the first day of the perfume change, I stopped back over at Ulta and picked up a a full bottle.  The description says limes, jasmine and orange blossoms - but I smell something a touch musky at the end but the lime stays crisp a surprisingly long time. It exudes summer - the citrus, the jasmine. It's become my everyday staple. (Sad news - based on the clearance stickers at my Ulta, they may be discontinuing it.

Random: Fortunes from Chinese fortune cookies. Gotta love the ones that make you think! I got two great ones this month: 
- You are an angel. Beware of those who collect feathers.
- Excellent day for dusting. Start with a few old dreams.

Stress: Two this month. 1) Trying to figure out what is next. 2) And it continues to be family. And it will be for a while.

Take-away: Time only goes one way. Are you spending yours in a way you want to remember?

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