Thursday, June 23, 2016

Currently, June 2016

Books: Nada. Zip. Have not even cracked one open. (Not even the one I was working on last month!) Obviously I need to spend more time on a beach!

Gratitude: Isn't this digital age amazing? Seek, find, connect; create, make, sell. All of it at our fingertips.

Happy: the covers of magazines, a gorgeous bride, summer outings with yummy food, good friends, happy pets.

Perfume: I've been switching it up. This month is still in the Library of Flowers family, Moon Shadow. (And apparently, they don't even offer it any more as it is so 2013!) Water lily, lotus, jasmine. Love. Love. Love. But... After Root last month (another 2013 scent not to be found) and the now beloved Willow + Water from the prior month - all in the same scent family, I'm just off the soft florals. Ready for something new. (I even went back to  Les Perfumes de Rosine Majalis for a few cold, rainy days.) Fortunately, I've got a few sample vials to break out for next month!

Random: The girl and I have a new life goal - it involves a resort that teaches you to be a mermaid. The real question here is - can we do it in tiaras?  

Stress: It continues to be family. And it will be for a while.

Take-away: I've always said life is what you make it. Because it is. You always have a choice, even if the choice is only your attitude. And small choices lead to big life paths.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Avocado and Black Bean Salad

About three years ago I concocted a recipe which fits my criteria of healthy with a side of easy. I made it often over the next few years as it was a Bunny Haven Manor East favorite. Somehow in the shuffle of closing down the original Bunny Haven Manor and moving (thrice), I lost sight of the idea of creating food - pretty, delicious, soul-nourishing food.