Monday, May 23, 2016

Currently, May 2016

Books: Continuing to slowly read My Kind of Place by Susan Orlean. No trips this month, so far, so I seem to have little time to finish it despite the bite-sized nature of the stories. 

Gratitude: Simply this girl and the animals' happiness at seeing her well again.

Happy: Excursions with friends, mini golf and beaches, the glory that is spring, when a project launches, and pizza and puppy floor picnics.

Perfume: Willow + Water (by Library of Flowers) has been pronounced fabulous by my partner in crime (Roxanne, pictured below during an excursion). La Gram Russe also declared it smelled like a version of her beloved My Sin. (I find it "My Sin Lite" - the floral bits are reminiscent but not oriental enough to truly be My Sin.) And yes, I did buy myself a bottle (and matching cream) for my birthday.

I've also been testing out Root by Library of Flowers this month. The scent family is close to Willow + Water but less floral and more green. It's a good everyday spring perfume as the weather warms a bit.

Random: I actually play dress up way more than people realize. Pink  dress, black sweater, and big hair? Elvis day. (And that's all I'm listening to all day.) Green scarf, green sweater, and Root perfume? I'm Poison Ivy. Jeans and T-shirt that says "This is my costume"? Yeah, I'm pretending to be a human adult.

Stress: Two this month 1) Time. When is there ever enough? And 2) Family. We all have that one relative, right?

Take-away - Sometimes you need to remember that life is what you make it. Make it memorable, make it joyful, make it yours.

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