Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Eyes Have It

As mentioned, I've been trying new things. (This will never be a beauty blog. But I'm still a serial sharer.) I've been in a bit of a rut, eye-make-up-wise. Also, in the month I didn't wear eye make-up, post-lasik surgery last year, I got a bit out of practice. It just seemed like so much bother. I wanted easy. Crayon stick easy and good for my skin - but not crayola like Mimi (Drew Carey Show)!

Enter, Vapour Organic Beauty. Another natural, US-made make-up brand? OOH, yes please! Hello Vapour Beauty with your gorgeous packaging!

(Note: Vapour Beauty is sold at some Target locations. Not mine. I ordered on-line. Quick and pretty delivery with an unsolicited product sample bonus!)

Back in the day, I used to be a full-on primer, 4 colors,  2 liners and 2 kinds of mascara girl. (Yeah, that's a picture of me at 15 - an image from a framed picture at my grandmother's. I really should've learned about contouring around the nose....)

Then I grew up to be someone with contact issues - so waterproof became my eye make-up watchword. As I became a woman with a demanding job, a herd of pets, volunteer work, a freelance business, a garden and sometimes a husband or male companion -  while I relish looking pretty, I really don't have time to fuss. At this point in my eye- make-up evolution, we are down to a single color, a bit of liner, and quick swipe of mascara. If something is going on - an event, I might be photographed - I break out the primer and try to be deliberate with the eyeliner application. But it rarely gets more fussy than that in my world.

Seduce and Smolder
What was needed for this routine change-up were neutrals for everyday wear, so I went with Mesmerize Eye Color Classic in Smolder (they call it "chocolate brown" - for me it's more of a coppery dark brown) and Mesmerize Eye Color Radiant in Seduce (they call it "smoky brown with violet and blue flashes" - for me it's a purplish taupe with sparkles).

Seduce and Smolder
Seduce and Smolder on my arm

After debating for a few days, I started with Seduce - it seemed like a good color for every day. Plus, I liked the idea of wearing that name  - Seduce - in much the same way I enjoy wearing a lipstick by the name of Wild.

The first hurtle - these are not a powder. (I'm more accustomed to doing a quick finger swipe of Ecco Bella's powder colors.) Nor do the Vapour Organic Beauty crayons glide like some other eye crayons I've tried in the past. My first attempt was streaky. A quick swipe with my finger smudged it enough to work. Then I reviewed the website where they suggest warming the stick against your hand. So, if you try this during a Midwest mid-winter, it would be best to follow those directions! 

It took a few mornings to get the hang of the application process due to the texture difference (Vapour Organic Beauty uses sunflower oil and beeswax which has less glide) from non-natural eye crayons. The staying power is excellent, likely due to the beeswax. Although if you apply with a heavy hand, you will get creases at the 10 hour mark. The only down side? I did manage to break Seduce. Originally the top rounded out (see image above) but then, it broke off during a regular morning application. The crayon is still useable but I probably lost a month's worth of wear which bummed me out.

Of the two colors, my favorite is Smolder. The rich coppery brown color gives great depth and is beautifully neutral. Perfect for every day.

Bottom line - These won't replace my Ecco Bella for special occasions - but I like the ease of application, travel-friendly portability, and range of colors. This line has earned a permanent place in my make-up bag. 

Take-away - Find your level of comfort, and then upgrade with something better than your current everyday option.

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All photos by me - except the two of me. The grown up me is by Midwest Photographics - and has not been photoshopped. The 15-year old me is a school photo, I don't know who took it.

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