Monday, March 21, 2016

Currently, March 2016

Books: A Star Called Henry by Doyle. Another Dublin novel. It seems to be my theme of late - they are a genre onto themselves. (I also handed off to one of the nieces Gail Carriger's Finishing School series - she immediate began devouring with delight.) 

Gratitude: Shared interests; sensitive skin laundry detergent; springtime flowers brightening up the world; new perfumes; and the lure of new spaces.

Happy: Got a few new dresses for work! (Following Rule #10 about only buying clothes that make you want to do a small dance.) Spring Easter sale - this is my second year hitting it and I think it's about to become an annual event. Shopping in person was more tiring but more successful than my Stitch Fix experiment - probably for the same reason, trying on lots more stuff.

Perfume: Still finishing finishing out Passiflora by Nest because it's still winter-dry out and I love the accompanying hand cream. This month was for playing with new perfumes, starting with Forget-Me-Not  from the Library of Flowers, (Kirimashi Air by the Library of Flowers remains in the rotation as a light day splash, but I'm hoarding it a bit for my upcoming travels - as mentioned, I think it's the perfect light travel perfume.) 

A few Sundays ago I was hugged at church and told I smelled lovely - I had on Forget-Me-Not! It's a delicate floral with a white orchid heart and an osmanthus start. If you don't know what osmanthus smells like - you are not alone, I had to look it up! The description is of a delicate fruity-leather, which I agree with - it gives depth to the floral notes. Truth? I may just be in love with Chinese flowers - but osmanthus will never replace my beloved peony as my favorite flower.

Random: I'm just going to say it. It's Not Your Father's Ginger Ale is less good (by far) than It's Not Your Father's Root Beer.

Stress: Moving. Need I say more?

Take-away - Things fall into place when they should, but you have to have the framework in place. Build the frame.

**Photos by me - and yes, you can tell :-) **

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Call of Home

Home may be a state of mind, but it's also a physical space. A place to be surrounded by what you love and be with who you love.  

And what I've discovered over the last few months is looking for a new space is challenging. (Sometimes beyond challenging.) The space I temporarily picked is less than optimal and lacks a garden. Clearly, this won't do for a long-term option. I have a list of what a space MUST have, none of which I ever thought to be difficult:
  • A yard for the puppy*, my garden bits, and the garden bunnies to frolic in 
  • A space for my books
  • A kitchen to cook in

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Scents and Sensibility

I've been on a "bit of a tear" for the last 6 or 8 months. Restless. Craving something different. New things. Which meant, of course it is time for a bit of perfume exploration! I started small, ordering a few samples for DSH Perfumes over the summer. And discovered that is not a line of perfume which suits me.

Just before the winter season changed everything, I ordered a few new perfumes, mostly sample sizes of new-to-me scents, from one of my favorite web sources, BeautyHabit. I like to think of perfume as a fragrance garden since I'm between garden spaces; even it weren't winter where only witch hazel and hellebore are possible, a Midwestern winter garden is a barren place.