Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vegas in the Winter

Recently I spent a few days in Las Vegas on business. Despite the rain and chilly weather, it re-affirmed my love for multiple word cities that start with 3 letters: New Orleans, Las Vegas, etc...

I stayed at the beautiful Four Seasons, right on the strip. My first time at that particular Las Vegas property. (I used to go to Vegas on business regularly and have stayed at a number of Las Vegas hotels over the years.) It didn't take long for me to decide I quite like the Four Seasons and would love to stay there whenever possible. The question now, how can I make it more possible?

My favorite thing? Impeccable service and elegant surroundings. It starts when you walk into the front door - to the left is a beautiful sweeping staircase to the casino. (I took a quick picture of the staircase space with the inlaid floor and decorative vases.) At the check-in desk, I was offered help with my bags, water, whatever I might need.

Side note: Over the years, I've noticed that cities which thrive off of tourism have the hospitality thing down pat. You get treated like royalty. (Minneapolis versus New Orleans. No contest. NOLA wins. Chicago versus Las Vegas. Vegas wins. ETC.)
Sadly, no fresh flowers
like the website images

When you step into your room at the Four Seasons, it's light and bright with everything you need to have a wonderful stay - good mirrors/light for essential prettying up, a comfortable bed with convenient electrical outlets, a desk which can face either the view (sadly not so good) or the room, and a beautiful bar filled with delicious and unusual treats. The closets  - which lit up when open - even came stocked with spray-starch! (I laughed because I don't iron. Ever.) My experience can best be described as Kleenex and L' Occitane.  No generics at the Four Seasons. The tissues were actual Kleenex.  And the amenities were luxurious L'Occitane. 

Long ago and far away, I worked for a company with a private airplane and a private jet. No waiting in lines. No waiting for baggage. No long pre-flight check-in. Traveling was the kind of experience you enjoyed instead of dreaded. My stay at the Four Seasons Las Vegas was like that - very focused on the experience of the stay; it made the whole conference extremely enjoyable.

During this stay, I read a piece by Alexandra Franzen about a work-cation. The idea is you go away somewhere awesome and just churn out work. Order in. Do something indulgent like a facial. But focus 100% for the majority of your productive time. No pets, no social media, no housework, no food preparation, no clean-up. At the time, I thought it was a little extravagant. Wow. A week at a fabulous hotel to do nothing but create. When would that be possible for me? Not any time soon!

But while I was in Las Vegas at the Four Seasons -  a more extravagant hotel than I normally pick because I'm usually super focused on what I need to do, not where I stay - I realized that this idea has great merit and that I could start my work-cation right then. I had every comfort I needed at my disposal. So, I stopped watching TV the second day of my stay. I stopped entertaining myself on social media. I didn't have any distracting housework to do or boxes to unpack. When my work and conference duties were over, I spent that down time finalizing a project. I got an amazing amount done.

Take-away - Figure out how to make the "extravagance" of focus, even if only short-term, possible. Because, you ARE worth it! (Just like the L'Oreal commercial.) Sometimes that may mean taking advantage of a current opportunity. Be in the right mindset to give yourself that extravagance. 

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PS - Also spotted this in Vegas. He was European. My corneas have not recovered.

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