Friday, February 12, 2016

Lessons - 2015

Life's about change and nothing ever stays the same. Truth.  Life's also about lessons. This is what I learned in 2015:
  1. Receive gratefully. It tells the universe you are ready for gifts (aka opportunities).
    • Take that cup of coffee if someone offers it. Say thank you. By not doing so, you are depriving other people of the gift of giving. People like to give. It's part of how we show care as humans.
  2. Being grateful (having a grateful heart) doesn't mean you can't want more.
    • Wanting more doesn't negate your gratitude. It means you accept the universe has more to offer. The universe is infinite, so there is certainly more available. 
  3. Reflect. You may notice a pattern of positivity you've missed before.
  4. It's okay to take your time being sad, just don't wallow - you'll miss opportunities.
"Learned" may be too strong a word for how the year unfolded. It's more like I was reminded of these essential life truths as I was ready to hear them.

Take-away - Who you are is largely part of what you've learned, and it's never too late to learn who you really are.

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