Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Currently, February 2016

Books: I finished Reading in the Dark by Deane (on a plane back from Las Vegas). I started A Star Called Henry by Doyle. (I seem to be in an Irish literature phase, perhaps due to the impending St. Patrick's Day...) Plus, I finished a few small creation projects. Here's one: 

Gratitude: Emotional support from unexpected sources; tiny white lights on snow-covered trees; fabulous friends; serendipitous travel; and good company for dinner.

Perfume: I've been finishing out Passiflora by Nest, mostly because it's got a matching hand cream and winter wreaks havoc on my dry skin. In addition to the previously mentioned American-made, small batch favorite Library of Flowers, True Vanilla (full of the hallmark warm scents of winter), I've discovered the perfect travel perfume, also  from the Library of Flowers, Kirimashi Air. It's lovely and light without being overwhelming to the others packed like sardines in the plane. (Nothing worse than a heavy oriental fragrance, that you are not wearing, in a small space.) It's supposed to be white tea, bamboo and orchid petals. What I get from it is a combination of pepper and a powdery floral. 

Random: There is magic in the earth, in growing things. Being too far from this magic - in structures of dead trees, stone and glass - perhaps it changes your view. Perhaps you lose sight of what's real.

Stress: Finding a new space. Ugh. This was supposed to be easier.

Take-away - Growth is never without pain. Pain doesn't change the need to grow. 

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