Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Currently, January 2016

Every year I try something different in this space. (Life's about change.
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  • In 2014, I added books. 
  • In 2015, I added recipes and then a touch of random beauty tidbits (serial sharer in the house!)
  •  For 2016, I'm adding a monthly catch-up post. 
Welcome to my current obsessions and random observations - Stardate: January 2016

Books: The Social Employee by Burgess and Burgess; The Find by Williams; and Reading in the Dark by Deane.

Gratitude: Good friends, warm boots, creative sharing, the character of Jack O'Neill, uncensored writing space.

Perfume: Mostly I've been wearing Library of Flowers, True Vanilla - this is a lovely foray into the hallmark warm scents of winter. I'm a little fanatical about buying American made when possible and supporting small business; this line is perfect on both counts + fun to try! (Samplers=the best way to explore without breaking the bank. And totally portable!)

Random Thought: Perhaps I'm not obsessed with what might be or might have been. Perhaps that's really how it is in an alternative reality and I'm just tethered there emotionally at the moment.

Stress: The boxes. Oh, the boxes. I'm still figuring out what to keep and what goes as I look to my next move. Ugh.

Take-away - When life changes, trust the process.

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