Sunday, January 17, 2016

Coming Clean

Bunny Haven Manor is still not a beauty blog, but I am still a serial sharer. And over the last few months, as things in my world have changed, I've been in the mood to try new things, to expand horizons. So, I'll be sharing what I try - along with the usual books, recipes and random.

One of the shake-ups has been in my skin care routine. I've been a faithful fan of DHC Care for years as my cleanser, but it's a Japanese brand. I'm a huge fan of American brands, in all things. When I came across a similar style of product to what I was using which was both all-natural and American-made? Color me SOLD!

Meet Thesis Beauty.

Good cleansing is the second building block of good skin health. (The first is good nutrition.) I have borderline dry, very sensitive skin. As a (former) contact wearer, I don't like to use anything which leaves a film on the eyes or needs too much rubbing (hello, eye wrinkles - ick!). Over the years, I've used the gamut of products from fancy (example: Arbonne  Lancome's Bi Facil, etc) to straight out of the kitchen (plain virgin olive oil - tip: yellow olive oil only, the green olive oil burns). Most conventional make-up removers just dried out my skin. Old-fashioned standards like baby oil or cold cream made my skin break out; plus I'm not a fan of their artificial ingredients. And while the all-natural olive oil worked, it did leave a film which meant make-up removal was the end of wearing contacts for the day.

About 8 years ago I began using an oil-based make-up remover/cleanser combo from DHC Care. My DHC cleansing routine: Deep Cleansing Oil and then Face Washing PowderThe refined olive oil left much less film than the kitchen version and the enzyme exfoliating action of the washing powder minimized the dullness my naturally matte skin can have. Success!! Over the years, with DHC's generous sample policy, I've also tried other parts of their line - with less success. (Notable exception: the Revitalizing Moisture Strips for Eyes, which is awesome for a wintertime moisture boost to the delicate eye area.)

Thesis Beauty offers similar facial cleansing products to what I was using: dry packed cleansers - perfect for travel; exfoliants with perfect gentle spheres; and make-up remover that even takes off Halloween make-up. Using Trusov's Life Philosophy #1, I dove right in with comparable products:
I never said I was the best photographer :-)
  • The Rosemary Citrus Make-up Remover starts with Jojoba oil, which is most amenable to skin, backed up by a few other oils and a touch of essential oil.
  • The Tender as Petals Cleanser starts with kaolin clay and a variety of dried flower petals. The powder formula means it is always fresh.
  • Face Scrub West Indies with Poppy Seeds includes the aforementioned poppy seeds as well as cloves. The combo brightens skin and fights blemishes.

After the first use, I was a Thesis Beauty convert! No tightness or dryness around the eyes after removing make-up and cleansing. The remover even handles tough make-up like waterproof mascara and 24 hour lipstick. The cleanser washes away all traces of the oil without drying. The face scrub is gentle and non-scratching while being completely effective. I love the glass bottles for recyclability. I love that Thesis is family-owned and American-made. I love that they sent me a tiny sample of argon oil to try. (Samples make me happy.) Plus the company has a loyalty program, which makes the marketer in me rejoice. Total winner! many other life changes, this change was not wholly comfortable. After all, it is change; it is different; it is new. The jar tops are wider than I'm used to, and it's easy to shake out too much (which triggers my "omg waste!" gene). I had to wrap my mind around the fact I was "cleansing" my face with "oil" and "dirt". I have to remember to rinse my face very throughly so as to not leave traces clay on my face towels as I dry. Toner is no longer optional but required to assure all traces of the kaolin clay are gone. Disinfecting wipes for the sink now sit under my sink for quick clean-ups of the sink basin's porcelain, which seems to get messy far faster with this cleansing duo. But I like the result of the change  - supporting an American product which does a great job and makes my skin happy.

Take-away - Change is part of life, learn to be comfortable in your own skin. 

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**I'm naming names; that's how I roll. Because this is post is (like the entire blog) my opinion only and completely unsponsored.**

Note - I did have a little issue with the first pump bottle I ordered. (See the oil shine at the top of the bottle and the plastic bag?) A quick tweet to Thesis Beauty, and they sent me a resolution. Well-handled and timely. Kudos!

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