Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015 Books

What happened the last few months? Oh, life. Work. Moving stuff into one house. I've had more yard sales than I care to think about as I've been downsizing from the move. And I've learned: 1) downsizing is a pain and 2) yard sales are great for "interruptible" reading - back issues of Southern Living, blog posts, etc. -  and not so good for reading books, and 3) I really miss vacation (Mexico or NOLA, both were good).


On a series of business trips to Minneapolis over the last 5 weeks, I finally managed to read the whole book of short stories we picked up at the vampire boutique in NOLA. (More on our NOLA Adventure here.

It was a rocky start. I didn't like the first story. The second was quite good - but did make me nauseous.  If I had the ability to read out of order, I might have dived into the book earlier. (Teaser - presidents as horses, oh the irony in a political year with politicians acting like horse's rears!)

Of course, since I finished that book en-route back, I picked up another to replace it. (David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell.) Hoping it won't take a full on year to get to that!

Take-away - You never know what you might like until you explore a little, even if that exploration is only within the limits of your own mind.

October Extra - A piece I need to incorporate into my life by Gretchen Rubin - 13 Tips for Getting More Reading Done. (Number 10, especially!)

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