Sunday, June 28, 2015

What We Leave Behind

This month has been tough. The original Bunny Haven Manor has a new caretaker. Someone else to watch over the flowers and bunnies. She's a gardener, so it will be okay. 
It was difficult, the packing up of old dreams and things that might have been. Some of it moved. Some of it is stored. Much I gave away. A bit I'm selling. The new challenge is integrating what was with what is now. That will be next month's challenge at Bunny Haven Manor East.

What's left of the original Bunny Haven Manor? A space for a garden of new making. A shelter for a mother and children. And the flowers I planted to make it pretty. 

Before I left, the hellebore and lilies bloomed. The oriental lilies and echinacea were coming up in back. The milkweed and Queen Anne's Lace in front, both butterfly food, were coming up in front. Bunny Haven Manor remains.

Take-away - The garden may change but it is still a garden, despite the changes. Just like life.

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