Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Always a Peony

There is a phrase about roses - bud, bloom or blown, a rose is always a rose. We forget at times in our search for blooming perfection that what we see, even if not perfect, is still perfectly a rose.

I love peonies. State flower of Indiana. Chinese rose. (Funny story that, how peonies became the Indiana state flower, especially since they - like carnations - are hardly native to the area.)

Everyday, I drive past a farm with simply acres of peonies. All kinds. Singles. Doubles. Old-fashioned. White. Phink. Burgundy. Coral. Cream. Since Bunny Haven East has no peonies, to me it's a necessary luxury at the Farmer's Market to get a peony bouquet. I quite liked this one as it had a variety of peonies  - from the very farm I drive past. It looked, to me, like a Dutch still life.

At the Farmer's Market
The next day, from another angle
The third day
The last few days
The bouquet changed every day. A turn here. A change of water. A shearing of stems. A different vase. It was beautiful every day until the end.

Even shedding petals,
as the peony gave up,
the beauty of color and shape
was a joy to behold
There is a Japanese artform called wabi-sabi. It's a touch austere for my taste but I find the concept of beauty that transcends flaws interesting.

Take-away - Imperfections can be beautiful. Do you see the beauty?

PS - the perfume this week is  the Pivoine Flora by L'Occitane I bought in New Orleans. Magnolia, violet and peony are a sumptuous combo - if a touch lacking in sillage...

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