Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The March 2015 Books That Weren't

It's been a month. I basically didn't read a book - except that February cookbook - for the better part of 7 weeks. Mostly for a good cause - lasik. Weird but true - my eyes had to "recover" from my contacts for 5 weeks before they'd even check me for lasik. And my glasses are not computer happy - so at the end of every workday my eyes were too tired to read.

The non-reading time was not wasted. I found a favorite new charity. FirstBook. (They put first books in the hands of kids). I organized things around the house. I planned a clothing swap. I socialized with people. And I waited.

After the lasik and a very brief recovery, the exciting question became, what to read first with my new eyes? So many options! And then, suddenly, I didn't have any time to read, because, Killian quite unexpectedly became very ill and needed all of my free time. It wasn't enough. Killian passed March 28th.

Take-away - It's never what you expect that changes your life.

March Extra - Did you know there are secret libraries? (I typed "secret libraries of" and Paris, New York and several other cities popped up.) The one that interested me - at this time - where the secret libraries of Chicago as I see a trip in my future....

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