Saturday, March 7, 2015

Beets! And Other Opportunities

Part of the healthy eating plan this week included beets. Many of my co-workers dreaded the thought. Not me! I love beets. My Russian grandmother's fabulous summer borscht was always a craveable favorite but there are many delicious ways to make beets. Roast them. Yum. Saute them. Yum. Make sugar from them! Double yum, even though I have not done that one personally, just had the results, Pioneer Sugar.

When I picked up my beets at the store, I specifically looked for a bunch that had lovely fresh green tops. I'm guessing most people don't do much with them, but the greens are one of my favorite parts. I made a very quick clean lunch from them when I arrived home (starving) from the store.

Sauteed Garlicky Greens with Tomatoes
- Garlic cloves
- Olive oil
- Salt + Pepper
- Mustard seed
- Beet Greens
- Tomato

Dice several cloves of fresh garlic and saute them in a bit of olive oil until nearly crispy. Add the greens (after washing and drying). While the greens saute, cut a fresh tomato. (I was lucky enough to get a gorgeous yellow heirloom tomato on special.) Use tongs to plate the greens, then place the tomatoes on top. Add the salt, pepper and mustard seed. Pour the bit of olive oil with the crisped garlic over the cut tomato.

It was 7 minutes, start to finish. And perfect for a quick lunch.

Take-away - Take advantage of opportunities when you see them and try to see possibilities where others may not. (Even if it's just in the vegetable aisle.)

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