Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Books

What I bought - three fabulous new books....

Sarah Addison Allen of Garden Spells. I love the everyday magical reality of her books. I follow her on Twitter and noticed she tweeted about First Frost. Serendipitously, Lost Lake was on sale at the bookstore.

What I read - not what I wanted to! Due to an issue with my eyes this month (not serious and soon fixed), reading has been giving me a headache. Total tragedy in my world! 

I did manage to read my new cookbook, the High Protein Vegetarian Cookbook, and try several recipes from the book*. The author has a blog called, Veggie and The Beast. The recipes were high protein, but her palate is a bit bland and way cheese-y for my everyday. Still a few staple recipes may become part of my go-to food options, and I'm quite liking her blog recipes. (There was a recent Kale and Brussel Sprouts with Sweet Potatoes recipe....)

Not what I planned for my February reads. At all. But sometimes life is what happens when you are planning other things. And I got inspired to try some recipe experimentation of my own. All in all - not a bad reading month, despite the lack of reading!

Take-away - It may not go as you planned. See what you learn and enjoy the moment.

February Extra - Where I want to live - any of the libraries in the "19 Magical Libraries"  article.

Posts also of potential interest....

*Details on "In the Kitchen"

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