Monday, November 24, 2014

Small Changes

The word "change" makes people think: make-over, sweeping changes, new lives. But that's not true. Change that lasts and becomes part of your world, every day, is incremental. Lasting change starts small and builds. Less sugar. 10 minutes more of exercise. More vegetables. Add a color to your wardrobe. Sit down to dinner together 1x a week rather than eat in front of the TV.  (And conversely, not being kind to your spouse, not picking up the clutter of the day before, eating dessert every day or sleeping through "gym time" creep up on you, too.)

Last week it started with sheets. They were on sale. I looked to my left at the store - and a really great comforter was on sale, too! 

And then, well gosh, there was this amazingly pretty  painting (on sale) and elegant curtains (also on sale) right there! Did I really have a choice?

Those are small changes - less than $150 and fun! (I like color.) 

More change happened when I got home in the form of repurposing. The painting that used to be in the spare room - a Van Gogh take-off - came to our room to go with the curtains and to balance the floral painting with a needed masculine element. Next, the curtains that had graced our room moving to the spare room and another painting coming out of storage to be repurposed into the spare room. And somehow, the whole house looked changed!

Since then, we've had other small changes - we make the bed every morning and the spare room is staying picked up. Nothing extravagant, but they make me feel more comfortable. (I also like order.)

Take-away - Embrace the small changes. They are the building blocks of your life.

(PS - Ross Dress for Less also officially my new favorite store for home stuff!)

Update - January 25, 2015 - change is a process, an evolution. To be successful, it should not end. (Plus - I really like a decorative pillow to tie things together!) Remember to continue to look for opportunities to change.

Update - February 6, 2015 - I also played carpet Jenga with FLOR. (Reoriented in pepper.) It can easily change the look of a space and "goes" without looking matchy.


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