Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Left-overs (Part 2)

Pumpkin Plus

It's pie time! I made a pumpkin pie a few weeks ago for a family event. I exactly followed the recipe on the back of the Libby's can*. And the recipe for "pie insides" made just a bit too much pie for the single pie crust the recipe said was called for. 

Well, gosh! What to do with that left-over 1/2 a cup of "pie insides"? I do hate waste, so I covered extra and put it in the refrigerator until I had more thoughts on the matter (and until after we enjoyed the family event.)

Two days later, I was making breakfast for dinner. And it occurred to me that IHOP isn't the only one who can make pumpkin pancakes! The "human male" insists we keep pancake mix in the pantry. So, I added the pancake mix to the pie insides, and presto! Pumpkin pancakes. Delicious pumpkin pancakes from left-overs. Next, all that was needed was just a touch of maple syrup and some Morningstar breakfast "sausage" to make breakfast for dinner complete!

For more easy recipes see "In the Kitchen".

FYI - pumpkin pie qualifies as a beloved ORANGE FOOD! (And yes, there is an entire blog post on my love of orange food. It's a sickness!)

*Recipe changes for next time - be prepared for the fact that it actually makes almost enough for 2 pie crusts. Use 2 crust. Add two cans of the pumpkin to give a more pumpkin flavor to the pie. (11/29/14 Update - what I actually did. Switch nutmeg for ginger and use only 2/3 of the evaporated milk called for. Much better. Delicious in fact!)

Take- away - You can start with someone else's recipe, but make it your own.

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