Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Unbacon Green Beans

Sometimes the male human says "I want vegetables with dinner". I'm really never sure how to answer that since, as a vegetarian, I pretty much only cook vegetables! It seems to mean he'd like a single side of something - broccoli or green beans - rather than the more common mix of veggies I make (red peppers, mushroom and garlic go with almost anything!) on a regular basis.

Often when you have green beans at a restaurant, the green beans achieve flavor via bacon. And that's out. So, over the years, I've created another option, the "un-bacon green beans". They have been well received - and even requested - whenever I serve them. They are easy to make (everyone who knows me knows the "5 ingredients rule"!) and have a nice, rich, almost smoky flavor.

I had white onions the day I made this
 - red onions are my preference for this dish.
Un-bacon Green Beans
Green beans (1 packet frozen or 1 lb fresh)
Small tomato
Quarter to half onion (red preferred) 
Approximately 1/4 cup of almonds
Red wine vinegar
Salt + pepper to taste, I tend to have a heavy hand

Boil the green beans until they are crisp-tender.  (While the water boils and then as the beans cook - dice the onions fine and mince up the tomato.)

Drain the green beans in a colander. Lower the heat on the pan, add a bit of red wine vinegar to cover the bottom of the pan and put the onions in the pan.

Let the onions lightly saute. (Crush the almonds while waiting.)  As they start to look translucent, add the beans back to the pan + the minced tomato (with juice). Add the salt, pepper and crushed almonds. Stir. Serve!

Top to bottom - this should take you less than 20 minutes. And you don't need to watch the beans the whole time.

Take-away -the world is made of choices, making yours different can be delightful and surprising!

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