Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014 Books

What I didn't read
It was a Mercedes kind of month

Mercedes Lackey that is! Blood Red and the House of the Four Winds were both on the book list. Plus Jesus Calling and 5 Minutes on Mondays made it back into the rotation - neither complete of course, as both are meant to be read in pieces. On the way to New Orleans, I started The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman and made it to about page 132 before business travel took over. 

I still haven't made it through any of the recent business books I bought. (Slogs of blogs, scads of articles, countless industry magazines have crossed my eye-zone, though). And then I saw this list of Warren Buffett's favorite books and now I have an even longer list!

Other post of potential interest:

And this happened in New Orleans (the male human, done up like a voodoo king, at a Frenchman Street pop-up evening art fair).

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