Saturday, September 27, 2014

Photoshoots and Real Life

I staged this one summer afternoon. Because it makes me happy - a spray of elegant flowers, a bit of hand cream, a collection of fragrances (my Tocca sampler, the Nest trial set and my standby favorite, Magazine Street) and the slightly hazy image edges.  I liked the result so much, I added it to an older post!

Something about the flow colors. The idea of bottles of scent (and possibility). The drape of the flowers. It simply speaks to me.

But it's not real. I said that up front. I staged this image. In real life, a flower out of water or not still in-ground will wither and die in very short order. Fragile natural perfumes stay truer in a controlled temperature. And my dining room table can be put to much better use with friends and family.

Yet, I see the same thing everyday on social media. Lives staged to be "fabulous" on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Somedays I see folks posting utter lies disguised as truth - which happened this week in the saddest of ways. Someone posted another's tragedy and claimed it as their own. At Universal Studios this winter, I even witnessed a mother ruining the day for her 4 and 5 year old in search of the perfect image to share with her online world. Her real world was standing right in front of her. Perhaps it's time to share a little less online and live a little more offline.

Take-away - What kind of life do you want? One that's staged or one that's meaningful to you?

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