Friday, May 16, 2014

Bleeding Hearts and Time

Something new came up in the garden at Bunny Haven Manor this spring. Something that didn't bloom last year. Bleeding Hearts. I remember when I planted them. Three plants. Summer 2012. I planted them in stony ground, and I cried the whole time because my heart was breaking. It was hard work. The area had been landscaped a few years before with stone and landscape fabric. The stone had to be moved and the fabric broken through - like so much of life I didn't have the right tools, but I managed.

Opened the fabric. Fought the earth to open. Nursed the plants through the very hot summer. And they did not bloom. They came up a bit. And appeared to die off in the heat. That was the end of the Bleeding Hearts, I thought.

And so, I went on. I tended the flowers at Bunny Haven Manor, including a bit of garden. Then, I went to a new space, Bunny Haven East, where I planted even more new things. Spiderwort, salvia, hostas, daylilies, and daffodils. There was already a catalpa tree, a lilac grove and rose bushes to care for. So I did. This year, there are more rose canes than last year. The lilacs are in full and joyous bloom. I've added potted geraniums between the fern hosta. Tiny tomato plants are sprouting in Oriental pots. Columbines are planted to face the rising sun. Lily of the valley in the shadow of the house's eaves. This year, I thought I'd plant peonies and irises. I love both. It would bring me great joy to have what I love in this new space.

But still it was interesting to see the Bleeding Hearts take root and flourish.

Take-away - They say time heals all wounds. I guess it does; just not always in the way you'd expect.

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