Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014 Books

I'm a book geek. I admit it. (My Twitter profile proves it.) And I read EVERYTHING. Blogs + on-line articles, magazines, newspapers (WSJ is a Sunday favorite), and books. Not as many books as I once did due to the proliferation of online information, but still, books. Books fill my home. I've often got at least one hard copy on me plus more at the ready in my iPhone's Kindle App.

Actual bookshelf at my house
Books are the first thing I buy when I have a bit extra. Books are my favorite reason to run out to the library on a weekend. My favorite "rules" came from a book. Books are my favorite vice. Non-Fiction. Fiction. Mind-candy. Decorating. Kids books. Science books. History. Self-improvement. Cooking. Marketing. Etiquette. Poetry. Gardening. Stats. Pablo Neruda. William Butler Yeats. Sarah Addison Allen. Dr. Suess. Patrica McKillip. Malcolm Gladwell. Steve Chandler. Alexandra Stoddard. Lynda Resnick. Neil Gaiman. Lacey Baldwin Smith.

For 2014, I thought I'd share what I read. It influences what I'm thinking about. Sometimes it influences my writing. It seemed it might be of interest. However, boring for you if I do it every week and overwhelming for me to do at the end of the year. So, monthly, yes?

Take-away - What did you read this month? What was meaningful to you? I'd love to hear.

(Some of my friends write, too. I did a little piece on this a while back.)