Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Enough, We Stand Now

Today, another gun man/men took aim at a house of learning. The one my beloved niece attends. Last week a gunman killed a young woman and a mother at a shopping store. The one on my sister's route.

This is not my usual post. There are no take-aways. There is no "read more". Just this. Enough. I've watched in horror at coverage of a mad man gunning down children in schools and in public venues enough times they are starting to blur. I've cried over children killing children in senseless acts of violence. Changes must be made. We must all stand up in protest. Now.

Parents - Watch this. Run. Hide. Fight. (Courtesy of Department of Homeland Security) Then teach your children, in language they understand, how to follow those guidelines.

People - Civility. Respect. See people. Perhaps we can stop the anger and hurt that begets violence with kindness before it starts.

Media, Station Owners and Reporters
 1) Respect the victims enough to not glorify the shooters by telling "their story". They have no story. In the end it matters not why they did it; the reason for the next person will be different.
2) Tell the stories of lives shortened, families broken. Show the human face of loss.
3) Some things are more important than ratings. The safety of our national treasure - our children - is one of them. And any exploitation for ratings is simply unpatriotic.