Friday, December 27, 2013

New Recipes

Earlier this month I got a new recipe book by Mary McCartney (yes, daughter of Paul and the food-guru Linda). The food in it is easy to prepare, beautifully photographed, healthy and vegetarian.  The photographs also reminded me about how things turn out - not always how you plan!

New recipe books are always lovely - so full of options and possibilities. Opened carefully from the front to back. Quickly riffled through for what looks pretty. Carefully poured over for yummy food options.

There was a request for soup. Enter page 78 - bean/zucchini/leek soup. In the picture, it's rich and creamy looking. I made it one cold day for dinner. It took about 35 minutes and was delicious. It was also green. Apparently I used too much of the top of the leeks. It was still hearty and filling. The flavor was very good. Perfect soup for a winter day in the Midwest, even if it wasn't quite as pictured.

Take-away: Sometimes life doesn't turn out like the picture. You learn from trying, and maybe it will turn out better than pictured.

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