Tuesday, November 12, 2013


As mentioned in prior posts, I do love my Twitter. I look up product info, check for Netflix outages, read funny tweets and seek inspiration. One of my favorites is a guy named @OolaSeeker.  He notes in his bio that he had a great life, made mistakes and is working his way back. I noted  - from his tweets - his gracious outlook on life as he gets back his "Oola". 

At first I thought Oola was, perhaps, like getting your groove on. Then I noted the interactions he had with others and realized Oola was a life philosophy system.

A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to read @OolaSeeker's book (his real name is  Dave Braun, by the way). Since I love books and am a big fan of self-improvement/enrichment, I was really excited to participate. (Please note non-glamorous photo taken on my kitchen table the second I opened my mail.) 

As I was going on a trip in a few days, I elected to read Oola - Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World in an airport and on two planes. It was a mistake. 

The book is a deceptively easy read. I blew through the 7 key Oola areas (OolaFitness, OolaFinance, OolaFamily, OolaField, OolaFaith, OolaFriends, and OolaFun) in less than an hour. At which point, I realized this book deserved more of my attention. If I were to recommend how to read it to another - read one Oola area a week and really reflect where you are in your life on that facet; after that - read an Oola Blocker a day and then an Oola Accelerator a day.  Keep a journal. Write down what you think as you read the Oola areas and each of the Blockers/Accelerators. Then do the workbook.  Not how I did it - but how I'd recommend reading this book. 

What did I think of the book? At first, I was struck by the lack of drama - until I realized it was a reflection of serenity of mind. Then I was entranced by the Spinning Plates idea. Next, I had a 'WOW" moment as the authors quoted Dave Ramsey and Lao Tzu in the same chapter - thereby securing my adoration. Finally, I decided to spend time meditating on the Oola Blockers and how they impacted my life. I'm still working through the worksheets.

While I'm not sure a woman would have the same style of friendship described in OolaFriends, I found the rest of the book on-target, easy to conceptualize, and an enjoyable read. The fact that following the book may change my life for the better? A wonderful bonus.

Although - guys - those recommendations at the back of the book? Right on for most of them. But, lay off the diet Mountain Dew and Red Bulls. They are not good for you - and not OolaHealthy.(I made that word up - I know Oola is "F"s. But still...)

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