Monday, October 7, 2013

The Land of Lilies

In a classic gardening move, I plant multiples of anything I like. I have about 6 kinds of lilacs, 4 or 5 kinds of peonies and about the same of irises. Then there are the lilies. I love them - grace, elegance and fragrance.  I've yet to find a kind of lily I don't like. So, I plant tons.

They came up in this order.  First, the plain whites with hostas. Then the pinks.

Then the scented fancies came up. (But not the wild tigerlilies.) These perfumed the entire deck area.

This one was a stargazer lily. I had 3 this year. They perfumed the whole yard.

The rain lilies never came up.(It was fine. The yard was basically the Land of the Lilies for most of June and all of July anyway.) I guess it did not rain enough. Or may be not at the right time. 

Timing can be everything. In a garden - when is it planted, when is it watered, when is it ripe. In business  - see the opportunity, seize the opportunity. In a relationship.  There is, as the Bible says, a season for everything.

Most days, I think the best gift people can have is the ability to recognize when the season changes and when different action is required. It is more than seeing an opportunity - it is recognizing what to do with the opportunity and then making the most of it.

Take-away - If you love it, plant it. And if it is not like what you planned, that's life. Life is beautiful in its variety. Enjoy the blooms where you find them; then arrange your bouquet accordingly to show off the best blooms.

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