Monday, August 5, 2013

The Herd Minus One

Griffin is gray. Wesley is speckled. Killian is white.
It's been a rough month at Bunny Haven Manor. People, pets and places - all unexpectedly stressful. A quick business jaunt to Canada. La Gram Russe breaking a femur and being at a rehab place to recover. An unexpected illness and extra work.

Plus, all the Herd has been ill in various forms. Killian is expected, as his diabetes is hard to control and has complications. Wesley is expected with his heart murmur, bladder and kidney issues. In July his heart became enlarged and he is now in heart failure, which we are managing with medicine. Griffin, except for one brief episode 3 years ago, is never sick. 

I've recorded Audioboos about Wesley and Killian. But not Griffin. Because Griffin was always well and happy; and we had until forever. Today was the end of forever. I held him until he stopped purring. He only stopped purring when his heart stopped.