Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lilacs and other Fairytales

Spring is always my favorite time of year. I love the verdant growth. I love the way the trees get painted with green and then everything bursts with color. I love the scents. Lilacs are among my favorites.

This is actually the view from my back porch. Notice the neighbors' rampant lilacs? Mine are doing nicely, but it's only their second year. (I actually have 5 different kinds. Three are pictured here.) 

One of my favorite things is to see lilacs and daffodils randomly at the side of the road. I like to make up stories in my head about long-ago houses or grand garden plans gone awry. Since daffodils naturalize and spread, I wonder who started them.  Did they line someone's front drive? A forgotten path? A fairy ring? Were the lilacs part of a hedge? If I drive the same way a few times - the speculation spreads.  And I spin more and more wild stories. What baffles me are the irises. Irises spread slowly and they are a deliberate flower. Stately. Elegant. I can't imagine anyone forgetting where they planted them. So when those appear beside the road on an otherwise uninhabited stretch of road - my mind runs wild, too. (Which may be dangerous. But it makes for good dreams.)  We all need a little wild. One of my favorite quotes is Isadora Duncan, "You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you."

Take-away - Never for get your wildness or how to bloom where you are planted. Your beauty will show through and be appreciated.

Update 5/29/14 - I found the perfect illustration on my drive home. (And they are fancy iris!)

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