Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another One Bites The Dust

While birth and death are part of the cycle of life, one doesn't expect institutions to change. But they do, like lipstick colors.

My favorite lipstick used to be a lipstain by Origins, Azalea. It was the perfect shade and coverage. (This is not it.) I've moved on. Burt's Bee's makes a Rhubarb color that is very nice. As a woman, I've come to accept my favorite perfumes and lipsticks and face creams will all go away - someday. I'm mentally prepared to change and evolve.

But I am surprised by Martha Stewart's inability to keep my favorite magazines afloat. I've loved and lost magazines before. I still mourn the loss of Budget Living. I flip through the books sometimes for inspiration. I tried to follow the editor to Country Living, but her "flavor" changed too much.

First Martha started Blueprint. But not for long. Then she started Body & Soul and re-named it Whole Living. Last week I got Family Circle in the mail. When I inquired as to why since it is so not to my taste, I was told it was considered a substitute for Whole Living (not sure in what universe), which had ceased publication. Sadness.

I take faith in the fact that another brilliant publication will be out soon. I'm on the scout now.  (Please let me know if you see anything good.) And I know I'll love it, too.

Take-away - Life is about change. Nothing ever stays the same. (Thank you Patty Loveless.)

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