Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Potato Chips

Remember that old commercial that you can't have just one potato chip? Uhm, hum. Lots of things are like that: spoon of ice cream, doughnut, pair of shoes, lipsticks, cats....

Or at least I've heard people say the same things about cats. And we all know I have the herd (3). Really - they entertain each other!

But in this case, I meant something else. I love all things potato - people, it can be a battery, a bread or liquor! I probably have potato chips a couple of times a week. Today the nasty mean Pringles chip cut my lip. It hurt all day. And I realized, just because one chip hurt me doesn't mean I'll give them up forever. After all, I quite like potato chips.

I guess men are a little like potato chips. Just because one hurt me doesn't mean I should give them up.

(Mobile post. Soundtrack "Try" by P!nk)

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