Sunday, March 3, 2013


"You have good taste in....". It usually translates to compatible taste. It's actually a judgement on your taste. I tend to be more accepting. Your taste is yours - no better or worse than mine. It's simply yours. And I accept it as such.

That said, there are things which are a matter of taste that I believe fundamentally divide us:
- Do you roll with whatever music is on in the car or do you kick up a whiny fuss?
- (Women) Do you wear skirts or dress pants?
- Do you drink tea or coffee?
- Do you close the toilet lid or leave it up?
- Do you consider stories "sharing" or "one-upmanship"?
- Do you prefer spring or fall?
- Do you prefer sweet or salty?
- Do you read anything or only specific genres?
- Do you use a dishcloth or a sponge?
- Do you like Star Trek or Star Wars?
- Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook?
- Do you hate doing dishes or laundry?
- Do you like rounded drinking glasses or square drinking glasses?
I reserve the right to tease you, but I will never try to change your taste.

Take-away - Accept more. Critique less.

(I'm the first in all cases.)

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