Saturday, March 23, 2013


As a child, my room was covered in Winnie the Pooh characters. My mother's boyfriend was an artist. He was a generous man with his time and talents.

He painted a mural over the sink so my mother had a view while doing dishes. (Even though he did them, too.) He sketched Winnie the Pooh characters in my furniture and painted them. He made a painting as big as my three year old self with all the Winnie the Pooh characters.

I used to go to sleep looking at them. He did a beautiful job. They looked just like the characters in the traditional illustrations.

Eeyore was my favorite. I decided that he should be because he needed a friend. He looked sad to me. And I always liked to make people laugh. So, I decided to be his friend.

A few months ago I ran across this image of the Winnie the Pooh characters.
Not a way I'd ever considered viewing them before. Reframed by the idea of mental illness. Not a way AA Milne even sketched into his character plans, I'm sure.  I expect he'd probably be shocked.

However, I realized I still seek out Eeyore. I actually married him. And I tried to make him happy.  The more I thought about Eeyore and the poster, the more I realized that in fact - sad people seek me out. I seem to attract them like moths to a flame.  They should know better than to court a flame, and I should look with different eyes at the story presented.

Take-away - Grow. Learn. Re-evaluate. See with new eyes.
(Soundtrack - The Band Perry, Done)

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