Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pantone, Again

I've always wanted to say I went somewhere in the Year of the Cat, mostly for the silk dress. Probably not feasible to wait until the next Tiger year to do something amazing as I'm not sure I'll have much amazing left in me by then! (2022) So perhaps, the year of Emerald Green is the year to create a different world.

Emerald green - "Lively, radiant, lush... A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony." Yes, please. Times two.

Small steps are probably the easiest way, I've decided.
- Step one: Wear green eyeshadow to create a sense of opulence rather than my usual quiet brown eyeliner/mascara look.(Scale of Dragon - it makes me feel fierce - with a touch of Moss for the glitter factor.) Check.
- Step two: Consider changing perfume to "Emeraude" for the name. Reject that thought based on scent. Buy more Magazine Street as early birthday treat. Check.
- Step three: Decide that maybe steps can be small, but significant. Instead of new flooring (not feasible) to cover the hideous un-refinishable hardwood, consider painting floors. Decide that is brilliant. Write in schedule for mid-April.
- Step four: Think about what what would make me really happy this year. Flowers. No weeding. Seeing birds and butterflies. Flowers. Not mowing the lawn. Flowers instead of my nemesis, burdock root. Flowers in the house. Having my weekends back. Decide to speak to gardener friend about doing my yard (flower areas and mowing only - veggies and herbs are still all me) for the summer. Perhaps some in-kind marketing work and money combo....

Take-away -  This may be the only time I ever quote Madonna, but, "Beauty is where you find it." I plan on finding mine in the year of Emerald Green.

(Oh, the title? That's just because last year's Pantone Color of the Year defined my food choices. Okay. It really just gave me a good excuse to eat more orange food.)

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